Littlehampton Academy Ofsted report nearly two weeks late

The entrance to The Littlehampton Academy's new block.
The entrance to The Littlehampton Academy's new block.

OFSTED has refused to give any indication of when The Littlehampton Academy’s much-anticipated inspection report will be released – despite it being nearly two weeks late

The report had been due to be released on January 10, but as the Gazette went to press it was still unpublished.

Ofsted usually aims to release its inspection reports within 15 working days, though this process can be delayed for various reasons, including if a school is being placed into special measures.

Former governors at the school, who were dismissed last Friday after principal Steve Jewell resigned days before, want to see the report to see what, if any, criticisms there are of the school’s leadership and governance.

Dr James Walsh, a county and district councillor who was part of the dismissed advisory body, said: “It’s crucial that we do see it, and I would like to see it as soon as possible so we can react to it and see what the criticisms are of the governing body contained within it, if there’s anything to justify what Woodard is doing. I don’t think there can be anything to justify the way they did it.”

For the full story, read the Littlehampton Gazette, out from Thursday, January 23.