It's been a magnificent seven years for LCS head

AS LITTLEHAMPTON Community School moves on to its next chapter, so does its current head teacher.

Jayne Wilson has held the position for the last seven years, but will leave at the end of this academic year to become an educational consultant for West Sussex County Council.

"I am incredibly nervous, after spending the last 35 years in teaching," she said, "But I am also quite excited.

"I will still be working with young people, just in a different capacity, and that is what I love."

She will work with head teachers across the county, supporting them in their roles, and the children in their learning.

"I have gone from school, to college, to university and back to school, so this move is something of the unknown.

"Working with young people has been my life, and I want to continue to have an influence. In this new job, it will be right the way across West Sussex."

Steve Jewell, who is currently head at St Andrew's School, in Worthing, will take over from Jayne when LCS becomes Littlehampton Academy in 2009.

"In my new post, one of my roles will be working with Steve on the academy programme, on how it will work, so I will still have a foot in the Littlehampton Academy camp," she said.

It is not without a tear, though, that Jayne is leaving the school she has worked so tirelessly to improve and promote.

"I will miss the staff here tremendously, and, of course, the pupils."

One of those pupils, 14-year-old Philippa Hickey, said the feeling was mutual.

"She will be missed by everyone, I think.

"It's such a big school, and you would think that she would not be able to remember everyone, but when you see her in the corridor or in the playground, she would always smile at you, or say 'hello'."

LCS will not go out without a bang, added Jayne, and a week-long celebration of its achievements is planned for the end of the summer term, details to be announced.


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