Highland tunes greet Arundel wildlife centre

Andrew Wheeler playing Scottish bagpipes in Arundel                                  L49145H13
Andrew Wheeler playing Scottish bagpipes in Arundel L49145H13

SCOTTISH heritage was celebrated in Arundel on Saturday (November 30) – with bagpipes and whisky.

The normal squeaks and squawks of the ducks at The Arundel Wetland Centre, in Mill Road, were drowned out by the trills and drones of the bagpipe music, as the centre marked St Andrew’s Day.

Andrew Wheeler – known as the self-professed Solway Piper – took a trip down from Dunfries, in Scotland to help the centre celebrate the day.

He was playing a range of tradition bagpipe tunes – which did not seem to bother the conservation site’s feathered residents.

Pat Warren, of the wetland centre, said: “We were really pleased with how the day went.

“We were worried that the loud music might disturb the wildlife. But they did not seem to bother any of them.”

Other attractions included the folk band Shipwrecked and a taster session organised by Glengoyne Whisky. Dave Fairlamb, the former manager of WWT Caerlaverock Wetland Centre in Scotland, gave two talks on Scottish wildlife entitled Birds of the Scottish Wetlands and Caerlaverock: a Blizzard of Wings.

A total of 351 people came to the day.