Help needed to track breeding toads in Arun

A toad
A toad

RESIDENTS across the area are being asked to help a research project into toad migration during their breeding season.

The annual mass migration of toads to breeding ponds across Sussex has started, with staff at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust in Arundel having already spotted the first batch of the courting amphibians.

Now, the centre is supporting a project by the Sussex Amphibian and Reptile group, to track the animals during this time of year.

“We are seeing the first dribs and drabs of the common toads that will eventually make their way to our waterways and ditches” said Paul Stevens, grounds manager at WWT Arundel Wetland Centre. “Unfortunately some don’t survive the crossing on busy roads.”

The toads travel at night to avoid being picked off by predators, like crows.

The group has created an online form, by clicking here.

People can report any toad migrations across the county.

The toads normally move at night to avoid predators and can travel up to three miles to reach their preferred breeding ponds.