Four boats rescued by Littlehampton RNLI

Littlehampton RNLI launched both lifeboats four times to rescue boats over the weekend.
Littlehampton RNLI launched both lifeboats four times to rescue boats over the weekend.
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Littlehampton RNLI rescued four boats in 24 hours over the bank holiday weekend.

All four of the leisure vessels were towed to safety by lifeboat crews after they broke down in separate incidents on Saturday April 10 and Sunday May 1.

A total of nine people and two dogs were saved from the stricken boats by the two volunteer crews.

No sooner had the Blue Peter 1 lifeboat crew rescued the first vessel at 6.20pm on Saturday, that they received a second call at 7pm from another boat adrift south of the harbour entrance.

In the third incident on Sunday morning, both crews were out training when they happened to spot a small sailing cruiser in trouble.

The boat had suffered an engine failure and run aground on the beach.

On board were a man, a woman, teenager and two dogs. The woman, teenager and one of the dogs were taken to shore in a lifeboat, while the other dog and the man stayed on board.

During the operation, the lifeboat crew of the D Class laid an anchor in preparation for the incoming tide, while the Atlantic 75 stood by in deeper water in the harbour ready to rig tow lines if needed.

Rescue mission completed, the crews dutifully continued their training, but their work was not over for the day.

A call came later that afternoon at 4.15pm from Littlehampton Angling Club reporting a small boat broken down just outside the harbour entrance.

Once more, the Atlantic 75 Blue Peter lifeboat launched and pulled the vessel with its two occupants back to its moorings .

In all four cases, Littlehampton RNLI were able to rig tow lines to the broken down boats and bring them back to their respective moorings at Littlehampton Yacht Club and Littlehampton Motor Sailing Club.

The lifeboats were then refuelled and made ready for service.