Rustington man’s grant set to bolster charity’s prospects

David Marsh, who will be helping the Littlehampton branch of the CRED Foundation, after securing vital funding from Vodafone.
David Marsh, who will be helping the Littlehampton branch of the CRED Foundation, after securing vital funding from Vodafone.

STUDENTS from Littlehampton and further afield can look forward to more opportunities to travel overseas with a charity after a retired teacher gained vital funds to help support the organisation.

David Marsh, 61, a former teacher at The Littlehampton Academy, is one of 500 people, nationwide, to receive financial backing from Vodafone, which he will use to help support the CRED Foundation.

David, of Frobisher Way, Rustington, who taught at both the academy and its predecessor the Littlehampton Community School, for more than 35 years, secured a donation of £2,500 for the charity from the mobile phone company, as part of its “World of Difference” programme.

He said: “This support will have a massive impact. CRED is a fairly small charity that takes on so much vital, humanitarian work across the globe. We only employ one person. The rest of the work is done by volunteers.

“So this will be a massive boost to help the charity expand its horizons.”

CRED works to transform the lives of adults and children at home and abroad, through support and play.

David hopes to use the sponsorship money awarded to CRED to expand the charity’s school-based contacts and resources. He will also look to develop the “silver zone” – an innovative scheme to encourage people over 50 to become involved in short-term charity work.

He said: “Since participating in a CRED programme on the Thai and Burma border, in December, 2009, I have tried to encourage others to enjoy helping people, especially children, in cultures that differ from our own.

“So many young people who get involved with CRED have had such life-changing experiences. I’ve seen a massive difference in some of the students who go out to impoverished countries.”

CRED also helps people in Ethiopia, Kenya and India, as well as working with communities in Littlehampton. Paul Sanderson, chaplain at the academy, leads overseas visits for CRED.

This is the third year that the Vodafone Foundation, the organisation which runs the programme, has run the sponsorship scheme, with more than 5,000 people applying for support. Countless charities have already benefited from its funding.

Successful applicants can work for a charity of their choice full-time for two months, or part-time for four months.

For information about next year’s scheme, visit