Littlehampton school’s first Ofsted is ‘great’ achievement

Head teacher Judy Gravett
Head teacher Judy Gravett

A Littlehampton school is celebrating its first Ofsted results this week.

Inspectors from the monitory organisation have given River Beach Primary School, in York Road, a “good” rating after evaluating the site in September.

The report was published by Ofsted and said that pupils at River Beach had a strong sense of community and were eager to learn.

Officers also said that teaching standards at the school varied between good and outstanding, adding that staff at the school used imaginative and creative methods to help inspire their pupils.

The report said: “Teaching across the curriculum is usually good and is occasionally outstanding.

“Teachers use a range of strategies through the creative curriculum to engage and inspire pupils. Year-six pupils went to the local church as ‘evacuees’, and pupils greatly enjoy days such as ‘Flying to Africa’ where they learn about passport control, luggage and flight. Pupils enjoyed creating a Roman invasion on the beach which developed their role-play, discussion and historical understanding.

“Some excellent art work representing the area and River Beach School is displayed. Pupils have also sold their artwork as a commercial enterprise. Working with local artists they have produced superb ‘Paint with Light’ pictures combining their art, science and technology skills.”

River Beach is one of the largest primary schools in the country with 812 pupils.


However, despite the large numbers, inspectors noted that there was a strong, positive community, not only among the children, but parents and staff, too.

It added that the leadership of River Beach’s head teacher Judy Grevett had been “pivotal” to helping the school progress.

“The vision and leadership of the head teacher and senior leaders have been pivotal in establishing this cohesive, happy school. The school motto, ‘Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day’ underpins their ambition to try and secure the best opportunities for pupils,” the report said.

It continued by saying the school has a substantial number of foreign pupils who do not speak English as a first language and that these youngsters were made to feel welcomed by teachers and junior interpreters.

t also noted that disabled children make good progress through the curriculum.

“Disabled pupils, including those with hearing impairments, and those with special educational needs make good progress. Those who speak English as an additional language make similarly good progress to classmates in all year groups, reflecting the school’s success in promoting equality of opportunity and ensuring there is no discrimination,” it said.


Mrs Grevett was overjoyed with the results. She said: “We are delighted that the Ofsted Inspection team recognised all good education that is provided at River Beach. We are especially pleased they valued the work we have put in to build on the good practice from Arun Vale, Elm Grove and Connaught.

“We are happy that the inspectors recognised the children’s positive attitudes and good behaviour in lessons. We are very proud of all of our pupils and are thrilled that their contributions have been noted throughout the report.

“We’re overjoyed that, after one year of our existence, the inspectors have described River Beach as “a cohesive, happy school” and “a good school.”