Distraught Littlehampton girl’s bid to find treasured toy

Katie Morgan, 16, is searching for her sentimental stuffed toy that was accidentally sold                    L18585H14
Katie Morgan, 16, is searching for her sentimental stuffed toy that was accidentally sold L18585H14

A DISTRAUGHT teenager from Littlehampton is appealing for help in tracing her cherished toy which was accidentally sold during a charity car boot sale last month.

Katie Morgan was given her white, stuffed puppy by her beloved granddad Derek, when she was just seven-years-old.

Sadly, Derek died a couple of months ago, aged 79, following a serious stroke, leaving his now 16-year-old granddaughter heartbroken.

However, to make things worse for the grieving youngster, the cuddly animal Derek had given to her was accidentally sold by her parents during a car boot sale, at Tesco, in Broad Piece, Littlehampton, on Easter Sunday.

Katie’s father, Torquil, of Southfields Road, said: “It was an accident. We didn’t even know we picked it up.

“But she was very distraught when she found out her toy had been sold.

“We never knew that her grandad had given it to her,

“She was incredibly close to her granddad and this teddy, for her, had a lot of cherished memories and sentimental value.

“She is still so upset.”

Katie is now attempting to trace the new owner of the stuffed toy in an effort to recover it.

The toy is described as a three-inch white puppy that is curled up. It also has a small brown mark on it.

Torquil added: “I think for Katie all the emotions of losing her granddad have been building up.

“She was there with him right at the end, when he died.

“So I think losing this teddy was just a trigger to open up this emotion for her.

“They used to see each other every two or three weeks and she has a lot of happy memories of being with him.”

The family believe the toy was sold to a young girl, perhaps four or five-years-old.

The boot sale was in aid of the 4th Littlehampton Scouts.

Katie, who is a year-12 student at The Littlehampton Academy, said that she would be willing to replace the toy, if it was handed back to her.

She added that she only wanted this one back because it reminded her of her granddad.

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