Council accused of ‘political moves’ over housing allocation

ARUN’S Conservatives have been accused of making a ‘political move’ by putting forward an amendment that will see the local plan sub-committee reconsider where new homes should be built.

Cabinet member for planning and infrastructure Ricky Bower said the recent poor weather made it necessary to reconsider where homes in Arun should be built because of issues like flooding.

His proposals were approved by the full council, with council leader Gill Brown among those supporting the amendment.

She said: “I support the amendment. I think it’s right to refer all the locations back to the sub-committee. We need a local plan but we need to get the right plan in place. I think it’s time worth spending.”

But the Liberal Democrats accused the ruling Conservatives of being conscious of upcoming European elections, the council’s own popularity, and the rise of UKIP, which some polls expect to make the biggest gains.

Simon McDougall, councillor for Bersted, said: “What this is about is saving your necks at the upcoming European elections. You are scared of being UKIPed.”