Churches invite all to celebrate this Easter

St Catherine's Catholic Church, in Beach Road, Littlehampton
St Catherine's Catholic Church, in Beach Road, Littlehampton

CONGREGATIONS across Littlehampton are preparing to celebrate Easter.

One of the highlights will be the Good Friday Walk of Witness tomorrow (April 18), from 10.15-10.50am in the pedestrian precinct. Church members will follow the cross from The Arcade to the garden of the United Church, through the Friday market.

Other events include:

All Saints (C of E), Wick Street, Wick: tomorrow – meditation at noon, followed by a bring and share lunch. Sunday – communion, 8am and 10am.

Arun Community Church: tomorrow – interactive/meditative prayer at the Wickbourne Centre, Clun Road, from 7am-9pm. Sunday – celebration from 10.30am-noon at The Littlehampton Academy.

Littlehampton Baptist Church, Fitzalan Road: today – the Gospel of Matthew, 6pm; communion, 7.15pm. Tomorrow – service at 11.30am. Sunday – sunrise service, 7am (at the coastguard tower on the seafront); family service, 10.30am.

Parkside Evangelical Church, St Flora’s Road: today – communion service, 7.30pm. Sunday – Easter celebration, 10.30am; evening service, 6.30pm.

St Catherine’s (Catholic), Beach Road: tomorrow, celebration of the Lord’s passion, 3pm. Saturday – blessing of first fruits, 11am; Easter vigil and first mass of Easter, 8.15pm. Sunday – Easter mass, 11am.

St James’ (C of E), East Ham Road: today – the Lord’s supper, 7.30pm. Tomorrow – children’s workshop from 10am-noon at church hall; Stations of the Cross, 1.30pm; the Passion of The Lord, 2pm. Saturday – Easter vigil, 7.30pm. Sunday – service at 10.30am.

St Joseph’s Convent (Catholic), East Street: today – mass of the Lord’s Supper, 6.30pm. Friday – celebration of the Lord’s passion, 3pm; Stations of the Cross, 7pm. Saturday – Easter vigil and first mass, 7pm. Sunday – mass, 10.30am.

St Mary’s (C of E), Church Street,: today – mass of the Lord’s Supper, 8pm, followed by watch to midnight. Tomorrow – Stations of the Cross for children, 10am; conducted meditation, noon; Stations of the Cross, 1pm; liturgy of the Passion, 2pm. Saturday – vigil and first mass of Easter, 8.30pm. Sunday – eucharist, 8am; parish eucharist, 10am; solemn evensong and benediction, 6pm.

St Mary Magdalene (C of E), Lyminster: today – commemoration of Last Supper, 7.30pm. Tomorrow – The Way of the Cross, 2pm. Saturday – craft morning for young people, 10am. Sunday – communion of the resurrection, 8am; family communion, 11am.

Society of Friends (Quakers), Church Street: Sunday – meeting, 10.30am.

United Church (URC and Methodist), High Street: today – supper and communion, 7pm. Tomorrow – meditation (with walk of witness option), 10am. Sunday – celebration and communion, 10.30am.