Child hurt in Climping gas canister explosion

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A CHILD was taken to hospital when a gas canister, that had been set alight, exploded.

The incident took place near Climping Beach, in the car park off Climping Street, at 11.29 on Friday evening (May 9).

A group of youngsters had been standing around a small bonfire when the explosion happened.

The injured child was rushed to hospital by ambulance.

Two fire crews from Littlehampton attended the scene and extinguished the bonfire.

Watch commander Niall Cooper is now warning youngsters not to mess around with deodorant bottles and fire.

“I believe the child had thrown the different air sprays and gas canisters on the fire,” he said. “Advice was given to the youngsters there.

“People should never throw gas canisters or deodorant bottles on a fire. It can be very dangerous.

“It can lead to a nightmare scenario and result in an explosion.”

Fire crews left the scene shortly before 12.20am,

The incident has been left in the hands of police.