Jobs threat at Inspire Leisure after Arun cuts

Staff at Inspire Leisure have been invited to apply for redundancy as the organisation running Arun’s leisure facilities faces a cut in its funding from the district council.

Against the backdrop of Arun’s draft leisure strategy, which has left the future of Littlehampton’s Windmill Entertainment Centre and the Swimming and Sports Centre hanging in the balance, Inspire, which operates both sites, has this week written to all 110 permanent staff asking whether any would take voluntary redundancy.

Speaking on behalf of Inspire chief executive, John Stride, a spokeswoman stressed no jobs had yet been lost, but added the organisation needed to save money, following Arun’s decision to reduce its six-figure support grant.

She said: “Inspire Leisure has written to its permanent staff, seeking expression of interest only for those who may wish to be considered for voluntary redundancy.

“This is as a result of discussions with Arun District Council over the future level of funding for Inspire Leisure.

“At this stage there should be no impact on the services or facilities being provided, however, the results of any future leisure strategies will have to be considered by Inspire Leisure.”

Philippa Dart, Arun’s assistant director for environmental services, said: “We have asked major organisations which deliver services on behalf of Arun District Council, including Inspire Leisure, to make efficiency savings. We have not specified the detailed areas where the savings should be made as that is an operational matter for the organisations concerned.

“This is part of Arun’s commitment to look for efficiencies and savings across the board, following a reduction in funding from central government.”

She added Arun would be reviewing comments made during the public consultation on the draft leisure strategy.