Arundel trader’s appeal to help war’s innocent casualties

Adam Flude in his shop in the High Street, Arundel.
Adam Flude in his shop in the High Street, Arundel.

Recent wartime horrors in Gaza have inspired one Arundel businessman to do his bit to help the innocent young victims embroiled in the violence.

Adam Flude, owner of Adams’ Rugs, in High Street, will be selling a number of iconic, limited edition Andy Warhol rugs – some valued at almost £5,000 – in a bid to support Save the Children’s Gaza Crisis Appeal.

Adam, who opened up his shop in the town earlier this year, said last month’s military hostilities between Palestinians and Israelis along the Israel-Palestine border and Gaza strip had deeply affected him.

“I’ve always had a deep empathy for the innocent civilians caught up in war,” he admitted.

“I remember being about 15 and learning about the history of Israel and Palestine.

“I have a great sympathy for their situation and all those innocent civilians caught up in the conflict.

“It’s the children embroiled in all the violence that sometimes people forget about,

“There’s a lot of impertinent political rhetoric about the fight against terrorism. People forget about the hundreds of innocent children needlessly slaughtered in the violence.”

Andy Warhol

Adam, who lives in Chichester, will be selling a range of top-quality rugs.

His collection includes designs from celebrated American artist Andy Warhol, as well as Beatles’ icon Ringo Star alongside folk rock guitarist Jerry Garcia.

Adam, 51, is launching his charity appeal this month and hopes to continue it into the early part of next year.

He said that 50 per cent of all the proceeds made will be donated to Save the Children.

He also added that he will be providing private exhibitions and personal visits to people’s homes to display the rugs, for a fee of £20 – money which will all go to the appeal.

Future hopes

Four years ago he took part in a similar event which raised around £6,000 for Save the Children.

He hopes to better that achievement this year.

“Around 90 per cent of the cash donated will go straight to helping the relief effort.”

Adam added: “As Israeli peace campaigner Adam Keller said, ‘A country at war rarely spares a thought for the children of the enemy’.

“We need to spare a thought for the all the innocent victims.”

To view Adam’s full range, click here or call 01903 884411.