Arundel Castle home to ‘epic siege’


ARUNDEL Castle is to play host to a ‘breathtaking three-day siege’ when it holds a range of historical-themed events later this month.

The siege, taking place over the bank holiday weekend of May 24-26, is one of the highlights of the castle’s events calendar and promises ‘authentic displays of medieval warfare’.

Nearly 200 participants will battle for control of the castle, within a twisting plot which remains a mystery even to the performers involved until the battle concludes.

Visitors will find themselves, too, immersed in mediaeval England, when Edward IV was king and tensions were rising between France and England.

Arundel’s strategic position made control of the castle a must for both sides.

The event will feature combat demonstrations by the British Plate Armour Society and Raven Tor Living History Group, who will be skirmishing as English and French troops.

Although there was no actual siege of Arundel Castle in the 15th Century, all the participating living history groups will make every effort to ensure that all elements of the event stay true to the period.

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