Arundel beekeeping creates a buzz with new book

ARUNDEL author and beekeeper Debbie Burchell will be creating a buzz next month with the release of her new book.

Phoebe Bee in Ambrosia will make its debut on Saturday, December 7 at the town’s natural health clinic, in High Street, as part of the Arundel By Candlelight celebration.

Her latest book covers many events in the life of a bee hive throughout the year, and explains some of the bee language such as beebread, propolis and waggle-dance.

Debbie said: “A seasoned beekeeper of at least ten years, I knew it was best to keep my bees somewhere safe, and far away from my neighbours.

“However, we had a garden feature of an old classic white beehive, empty until a swarm of bees moved in! As we had many children visiting our house, I had to teach them how not to walk into the flight paths of the bees as they left the hive, so we lay on our stomachs and studied their routes. I told them about all the different jobs bees have in the hive, ‘air traffic control’ bees, nursery bees, foraging bees, guard bees and from this emerged Phoebe Bee.”

A donation of 10p per book sold will be made to the bee research team based at the University of Sussex.

Debbie lives in Arundel with her family and has written other children’s books.