Arun householders urged to return electoral roll details

RESIDENTS who have not yet returned their annual canvass forms for the Register of Electors could face a knock on the door.

At the last count, 22 per cent of households in the district – more than 16,000 properties – had still not responded to a request from Arun’s Electoral Registration Officer to check their details on the electoral register.

Canvassers will soon knock on doors for this information.

Nigel Lynn, chief executive of the council and Arun’s electoral registration officer, said: “Residents can save taxpayers’ money by responding by telephone, the internet or text where they have no change to their details, or by bringing the form into the Arun Civic Centre at Littlehampton or the Bognor Regis Town Hall if they do need to make a change.”

Those who do not provide the information will lose the right to vote.

Mr Lynn said people could also be refused credit for a mortgage or mobile phone contract as credit agencies use the electoral register to determine applications.

Those who have not yet responded are urged to do so as soon as possible and by February 10, 2014, at the latest if their details are to appear on the new Register of Electors, published on February 17, 2014.

For more information, or to check registration details, contact the electoral services helpline on 01903 737616.